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Muhsen El Bawwab, Amman, Jordan
February 2012
Nightwish is a growing band. And where I live, Amman, Jordan its starting to gain interest!
Which is rather amazing!!
So will we ever see Nightwish, the Finnish symbol, in Jordan promoting Finland and their music?!
Wow, that would be splendid! We`ve never played in that part of the world and new territories always add to the excitement. I`d love to see Petra. And the Holy Grail Indiana Jones found in "The Last Crusade".
Cloudberry, Janakkala
February 2012
What does the last verse of Song Of Myself mean:
"And there forever remains that change from G to Em"?
The movie will reveal the answer to this one.

In addition to that, it is one of the most emotional chord changes, for some reason. (Like the 1st change in "Finlandia").
Victor Kilschow, Denmark
February 2012
Dear Tuomas,
I'm a huge admirerof your person and your work. But I'm wondering, since Imaginaerum is such an opus, such amazing work, will this be the end of Nightwish? Or do you have any idea, how you will create the next album?
Definitely not the end. We all have quite a good idea of what the next album will be about. You don`t need to go bigger and bigger with each album, the key is to find a new HOOK, or "challenge" with everything you create.
Alexandra, NŁrnberg
February 2012
What are you looking forward to the most when going on tour?
The 2 hours on stage and the rapture which follows. Adventure, friendship, fine dining and freedom.
Alvaro Moctezuma, Veracruz, Mexico
February 2012
What is your prefered Nightwish song in your mp3 player???
I don`t own an mp3 player. With me it`s all cd`s when it comes to listening to music.
JoŽl, Schweiz
February 2012
Hello Tuomas! (;
I am a big fan of your music and I have a few questions for you.
1) Which was the most beautiful moment in your life so far? Did you dedicate a song to that moment?
2) Do you prefer to play in front of a small or large audience? And why?
3) How do you cope physically and mentally on such a long tour? Do you never get ill or so?
4) Are you a religious person or even curious? ;)
Thanks and all the best!
1. "Every moment of light and dark is a miracle" - Walt Whitman

2. Both have their advantages, the small venues have the lovely intimate feeling, large arenas make more noise and becomes one huge living organism at its best. Festivals are not really my cup of tea.

3. Attitude. Realizing the fact how privileged I am to be doing this. Living in the moment, taking care of others and trying to spread the happiness. Doctors then take care of the mortal illnesses.

4. I`m very curious indeed! Not religious. I trust in the gospel of doubt and wonder. It`s often the pride of mankind which makes them think they have all the answers. I rather live in mystery and have an open mind towards everything.
Faith sometimes makes a virtue out of not thinking.
Hannes, Schweiz
February 2012
What is the meaning of the last two lines in "The Crow, the Owl and the Dove": "Gar tuht river. Ger te rheged"? Maybe this is due to my bad english skills...
I am sworn to secrecy by an ancient incantation when it comes to these magical phrases..
Tim, Germany
March 2012
Hey Tuomas,
I think it's not a secret that you're not the biggest fan of classical opera^^ What about classical music? Are there any classic ( or romantic, baroque, whatever composers ) that you like?
I like classical music but I prefer "contemporary classical music", which is film music. My favourites are Mussorgsky, Mozart and Sibelius.
Anna, Tbilisi,Georgia
March 2012
Hi Tuomas :) I just watched your top 5 movies and they ware all so good.I watch the Village over and over again.So please recommend me some more movies.I'm sure they will be awesome too:)
Good stuff! The Master And The Commander (or basically anything from Peter Weir), Dead Calm, Wolf Creek, Stand By Me, The Orphanage, Willow, Jaws, The Others, The Innocents, The Ghost And Mrs. Muir, Wuthering Heights (1939), Back To The Future trilogy, The Laurel And Hardy era 1929 - 1940, etc. etc.
ArtemiHo, Almaty, Kazakhstan
March 2012
Hello Tuomas! Don't you think that it's time to end up with beer and vodka and go to the gym to pump some muscles?
Healthy life-style is so cool!
Hello Borat! You`re absolutely right, I haven`t been able to wrestle the bull down to the ground for a while now. I`ll go and have a shot of vodka for that.