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Vitezslav Petr, Czech Republic
February 2012
Hi Jukka, any chances to make a Bitch Driven song "Hit and Run" available to purchase or free download?
Unfortunately that's quite unlikely to happen, because as far as I know we don't have a proper recorded version of the song. We really regret not recording our very last show in Joensuu (Finland) which was colossal and would have been the best live record ever released... =)
Simona Maria, Bucharest, Romania
February 2012
Where is your favorite place to go in holidays?
It must be Daytona Beach (Florida, USA). It's a perfect combination of perfect weather, peaceful surroundings and great selection of activities. Try it someday and you'll know what I'm talking about.
Rozzy, Islander, England.
February 2012
Are you ok with eating cake?
If so, if i were to decorate one for you. what would be the coolest thing to have as a decoration on top of it? x
Sure. I love cakes! As a huge beer freak it would be fantastic to see a cake with some fine quality beer bottle on top spouting its nectar high in the air.
Angela, Greenville, Texas, USA
February 2012
Being someone who loves to travel and loves learning about other's cultures, what sorts of things or places would you suggest for someone visiting your country for the very first time (with or without kids)?
I just did a boat trip on Lake Saimaa this week and I have to say that might be the way to see the best of Finland. So if you have a chance, rent a boat and head to Lake Saimaa for a week or so. You will be a new person when you come back!
Emppu, Kajaani
March 2012

I just thought of asking what do you hate/fear? If anything?
I try not to hate anything or anybody but I don't much appreciate people who think they can say or do anything they want despite of how it make other people feel. We all have rights to our opinions but it doesn't mean we have to bring them out in every situation.
Gabrielle, France
April 2012
have you found out if your house were inside or outside ?
Yes, I did got an answer to this question a while ago. What's outside, you can say it's a house, a wall, a dome, but what's inside has to be called home.
Rosie, England
May 2012
I would love to see Nightwish live, and you guys don't perform in the UK much, and haven't for years. Tuomas said in an interview you would be announcing some UK tourdates soon. That was a little while ago. Any plans?
As you probably already know, it's going to happen soon!