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Imaginaerum at Fantasia Film Festival
Movie-goers and Nightwish-fans from Canada! Imaginaerum will have its North American premiere on August 4th at the Fantasia Film Festival in Montreal. If you are in the area, don't miss your opportunity to watch the movie on the big screen!

» Imaginaerum at Fantasia Film Festival
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Nightwish FanPOD
We have always been enthusiastic about new things, both in music and technology. We have tablet computers for fun, and noticed that they could also be useful for the band and fans. That's why we started our own "fan magazine" for tablet computers, and the Vol. 1 is now available! More updates are coming in autumn 2013, and you'll see more previously unpublished pictures, videos, and other interesting stuff and benefits.

Check out the first Nightwish FanPOD Vol 1. here:
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The Atlantean Code has been cracked!
In IMAGINAERUM - THE MOVIE we hid a secret message in one of the scenes with Gem and Ann (check out the painting on the wall of old Thomas' room). Now the code has been deciphered by STEFANO MANGONI from Italy.

This is an incredible achievement since we thought this secret would remain with us for years!

As promised in the secret message, he will be rewarded with "a Treasure", which includes a canvas of the IMAGINAERUM album cover artwork signed by the whole band + 2 concert tickets with a backstage access + Meet & Greet with the band to any show he wants to come on our next World Tour 2015 - 2016.

Huge congratulations, Stefano!!


Below some thoughts from the Italian master detective:

"Well, I was watching IMAGINAERUM for the second time because the first time I watched it with subtitles so I didn't enjoy the movie fully. So the second time I focused on the wonderful images.  
Then I saw it, the Atlantean code.  
I recognised immediately the code because when I was little I learned it and used it to write secret messages with my friends and a diary. Atlantis is one of my favourite Disney movies ever.  
Then I took a screenshot of the code but at first I thought I couldn't decode it because it was very tiny. It took me a couple of days to discover that the frame was upside down.  
Then I spent an hour translating the single words one by one. It wasn't very easy because the screenshot was a bit pixeled (I bought the DVD version of IMAGINAERUM so the quality is a little bit lower than on the blu-ray) and because English is not my first language.  
When I translated the first line "To find a treasure be..." I got so excited  that I had to wait some minutes to recover myself from the emotion of realizing that I found something "big"!  
The morning after I ran to the postal office and sent my mail to the shown address immediately.
This has been a great experience!"
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2nd shipment of the international 'Imaginaerum by Nightwish' DVD's in stock!
We just received the second shipment of the international 'Imaginaerum by Nightwish' DVD's. Get the movie with English subtitles exclusively from Nightwish Shop!
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Nightwish - exhibition in the Kitee museum
In the Kiteen Kotiseutumuseo there`s now a small Nightwish - section where you can see memorabilia and some rare pieces of the band`s history. The entrance is 2 euros, which includes all other sections of the museum, as well. Definitely worth a visit if you happen to be around!
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Video blog from Japan
Floor has posted a very nice video blog of Nightwish's Japan tour to her website. Enjoy!

» In Japan with Nightwish - Floor Jansen
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Imaginaerum comes to Russia
Imaginaerum will come to movie theaters all across Russia on June 6th. Don't miss your chance to enjoy the ride on the big screen!
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Tuomas and Marco to attend Imaginaerum premieres in Russia
Tuomas and Marco will be present at the two premiere screenings of Imaginaerum in Russia:

May 27th
Khudozhestvenny Cinema

May 28th
Cinema Center at Krasnaya Presnya
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The Japan tour starts soon!
Hey, Floor has something to say to you!

The show in Tokyo on May 24th has been sold out.
Tickets to our other shows in Japan can be bought from the link below.

» Buy tickets at
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Wine&Roll comments on Imaginaerum wine tasting
Our friends from Wine&Roll in UK had a tasting with our Imaginaerum Ribera del Duero wine. Read their almost poetic tasting notes from here

For availability and other information about our wine, please visit
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