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Announcing the first show of the next Nightwish World Tour

We are proud to announce the first show of the next Nightwish world tour!!!!



@ The Greek Theater

Los Angeles, CA

1st of May 2015


VIP and Meet&Greet tickets are exclusively on sale through
starting on the 9th of September 2014.

The rest of the tickets will go onsale through Ticketmaster on the 12th of September 2014.

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Rhythm- and lead guitars are now recorded!

The recording of the album is going great!!! Today we can announce that all rhythm- and lead guitars are now recorded! Missing just a couple of solos, to be recorded after the vocals (hard to shred with that mutant right hand, anyway…). Truly fantastic job, Emppu!
On to keyboards and vocals next!

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Release 'Last Of The Wilds' (special clip)

While NIGHTWISH are currently working on their upcoming new studio album, fans can enjoy a series of five special clips, with impressions of the »Imaginaerum« world-tour.


Today marks number two, with an impressive clip for the NIGHTWISH classic 'Last Of The Wilds'. 

Click here:


Also check out:

Special Clip #1: 'Planet Hell':  

Trailer #1 – The Cabin: BB1IrA8FwrY

Trailer #2 – By The Lake: lIhsFClj0U4

Trailer #3 – Inside His Head: v=GQ9PFUZ9uGs


You can order the most current NIGHTWISH release, »Showtime, Storytime«, at this destination:                                                                   NIGHTWISHShowtime

or from the official Nightwish Shop at:                     
or via iTunes (live album incl. digital booklet):           | |


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Making the new album - Episode 3

The third episode of Nightwish's "Making Of" videos for the new album has been released! In this episode, we can take a peek into Tuomas' mind and learn about inspiration, the perks of getting up early, songwriting and floppy disks. 

» Watch the video on YouTube
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Huge discounts, new shirts and cool freebies at the Nightwish Shop!

Huge discounts, new shirts and cool freebies!

For the limited time only Nightwish Shop offers you some overwhelming DISCOUNTS:
- Showtime, Storytime 2DVD for the stunning price of 8 euros
- Nightwish book (Finnish language only) for the shocking price of 4,5 euros

And some FREE ITEMS on top of your order:
- Imaginaerum by Nightwish: The Score CD as a freebie for orders valuing 40 euros or more
- Special surprise freebies for orders valuing at least 20 euros

Now also available loads of brand new shirts - check the selection, order your favorites and enjoy the freebies!

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Release 'Planet Hell' (special clip)

While NIGHTWISH are currently working on their upcoming new studio album, fans can enjoy a series of five special clips, with impressions of the »Imaginaerum« world-tour.

Today marks the start with an impressive clip for the NIGHTWISH classic 'Planet Hell'.

Enjoy it here:


Also enjoy, the two new NIGHTWISH album trailers for the yet-untitled, upcoming new record, on the Nuclear Blast YouTube channel:

Trailer #1 – The Cabin:

Trailer #2 – By The Lake:


You can order the most current NIGHTWISH release, »Showtime, Storytime«, at this destination:

or from the official Nightwish Shop at:                      
or via iTunes (live album incl. digital booklet):          

» clip for the NIGHTWISH classic "Planet Hell"
» Trailer #1 – The Cabin
» Trailer #2 – By The Lake
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Unfortunate news from Jukka

How to begin telling something that you wouldn’t want to have to tell, although you know that the decision you made is the only (at least the only right) one you could make at the moment? I face this dilemma now, and will do my best to find the right words.

For a number of years, I have suffered from occasional but very difficult insomnia, something that has been my unwanted companion during many of our tours, too. I’ve done my best to try to control it or at least to cope with it. Still, we don’t even really know why we need sleep, so unfortunately there’s not much information available on why some of us suffer from sleeplessness. There is no 100% cure for the problem.

During the last month, it has become evident for me that due to my insomnia, I can’t fulfill my duties as a musician in the way that I’d want and with the precision that the music deserves. Thus I have decided to step aside from my duties as the drummer of Nightwish during the recording of the forthcoming album and the subsequent tour. I will still be involved in managing the day-to-day affairs of the band, but the dearest and the most important thing, playing, is, for the time being, not possible. Time will tell what the future holds.

On a personal level, my decision obviously feels indescribably sad. Fortunately, looking at it with some distance, it is “just” part of the constant, inevitable ebb and flow of life. The sad things are part of it as well as the beautiful, unforgettable experiences and adventures that I’ve already had the pleasure to experience in spades. Surely, there will still be many adventures ahead, too.

My good friend Kai Hahto will play drums on the forthcoming album. I’m extremely grateful that he didn’t hesitate for a minute when he decided to help us in this challenging situation. What comes to touring, everything is still open, but we will let you know as soon possible what the line-up will be.

If beginning this was hard, so is ending it. So maybe I will just quote something fitting.

“You can only lose something that you have, but you cannot losesomething that you are."
― Eckhart Tolle

Best regards, Jukka Nevalainen / Nightwish

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New "making of" -trailer online!

In this second “making-of” episode, Nightwish give an insight on the demo recordings of the songs, all done “by the lake”.

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New album in the making, first trailer online!

Sit back and fasten your fairytale seatbelts, as of today NIGHTWISH reveal a first glimpse into their new album. The yet-untitled creation will be the first Nightwish studio-record to feature Dutch vocalist Floor Jansen. It’s set for a release in spring 2015 via Nuclear Blast.

Check out the first “Making of” trailer here:

Enjoy the ride, as Nightwish take you on a trip to where the magic happens: Settled right in the middle of the beautiful wintery landscape of Eno, Finland, band members and sound staff gather round the long table of “the Cabin” to discuss every aspect, relevant for the making of Nightwish album #8. So far the bands’ mastermind, keyboardist and visionary composer Tuomas Holopainen and sound engineer Tero “TeeCee” Kinnunen recorded demo version of 12 songs.

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NW summer camp has begun!

NW summer camp has begun! Here's the news from the Finnish music magazine "Soundi" from today.

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