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New "making of" -trailer online!

In this second “making-of” episode, Nightwish give an insight on the demo recordings of the songs, all done “by the lake”.

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New album in the making, first trailer online!

Sit back and fasten your fairytale seatbelts, as of today NIGHTWISH reveal a first glimpse into their new album. The yet-untitled creation will be the first Nightwish studio-record to feature Dutch vocalist Floor Jansen. It’s set for a release in spring 2015 via Nuclear Blast.

Check out the first “Making of” trailer here:

Enjoy the ride, as Nightwish take you on a trip to where the magic happens: Settled right in the middle of the beautiful wintery landscape of Eno, Finland, band members and sound staff gather round the long table of “the Cabin” to discuss every aspect, relevant for the making of Nightwish album #8. So far the bands’ mastermind, keyboardist and visionary composer Tuomas Holopainen and sound engineer Tero “TeeCee” Kinnunen recorded demo version of 12 songs.

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NW summer camp has begun!

NW summer camp has begun! Here's the news from the Finnish music magazine "Soundi" from today.

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Do you still remember the cover of the Once album?
Since it’s the 10th anniversary of the album, we tried to capture the spirit of that time in two new shirt designs: ”Once - 10th Anniversary” and ”Rose Angel”. Get yours from the Nightwish Shop or from the EMP, and let us know how we did!

To the Nightwish Shop:
Nightwish at the EMP:
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Nightwish Ghost Love Score instrumental
It's the 10th anniversary of the release of our watershed album, "ONCE". To celebrate the special year we give you a previously unreleased, often requested instrumental version of " Ghost Love Score "!

Thank you all for the wonderful years!


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Tuomas Holopainen – solo album went gold in Finland!
Tuomas Holopainen’s solo album »Music Inspired By The Life And Times Of Scrooge« debuted as # 1 in Finland on the release week and stayed in TOP 5 for several weeks after the release. Now, two months after the release date the album went GOLD in Finland.
Tuomas comments: "This is really unbelievable and a great day for Scrooge. I want to thank everybody for their great support for my "little solo project"."

Recording the album had been a distant dream for Tuomas Holopainen for over 14 years. And it really went out with a bang: Tuomas got Don Rosa himself involved to the album artwork and also to participate for the first promo video.
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IMAGINAERUM BY NIGHTWISH Blu-ray available again!
Many of you have been asking for this, so here it comes:
Due to an overwhelming demand, we were finally able to secure a limited edition of the international IMAGINAERUM BY NIGHTWISH Blu-ray with english subtitles and english covers. This version is a BAND EDITION and it will not be available from anywhere else than the official Nightwish Shop. Once again, this is a limited edition and is now available for preorder. Shipments will begin in June. Region code free, this disc will work on any blu-ray player (both PAL and NTSC). Get yours now from the official Nightwish Shop - International shipping available, so get yours now!

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Demo is ready!
Read Tuomas's update about the progress of the new Nightwish album.

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The Finnish Live Aid 2017
The Finnish Live Aid 2017 - song called "Lohtu", written by Tuomas, has been released today. Check out the music video here:

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Tuomas's »The Life And Times Of Scrooge« enters international charts!
The chart results:
Finland            #1
Sweden:          #12 (Rock charts)
Switzerland:    #19
Germany:        #23
USA:                #29 (Billboard Top New Artist Albums; Heatseekers)
Czech Republic: #40
Austria:           #52
UK:                  #92
Belgium:         #92

Commented TUOMAS HOLOPAINEN: “The response to the album »The Life And Times Of Scrooge« has been unexpectedly overwhelming and heartwarming. I wish to thank you all for the support! Moreover, I hope the album has brought Don Rosa`s wonderful story to your attention, as well!”
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