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New promo photo
Nightwish have taken new promotional photos. You can get a first impression of the new pictures here. It is not yet decided when and how many photos of the new session will be published on this site, but we hope to be able to show you more very soon.
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The new album is called "Once"
Nightwish didn't want to publish the name of the forthcoming album yet, but because some "monkey" leaked the name to the net, it's better to publish it also on Official Nightwish-site. Forthcoming album's name is "ONCE".
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Nightwish sign contracts for upcoming album
Nightwish has signed the deal for the release of their forthcoming album. It will be released by Spinefarm/Universal in Finland, Brazil, Mexico, Japan and Chile. In Europe it will be released by Nuclear Blast GmbH. Information about the North American release will be published later.
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"From Wishes To Eternity" on SACD
Drakkar Records will release Nightwish's "From Wishes To Eternity" live-album as SACD on march 1st. It will be a hybrid disc which can also be played on normal CD-players but of course you need an SACD-player to get the full quality. The instrumental song "Crimson Tide/Deep Blue Sea" and "FantasMic" had to be removed from the tracklist to fit the concert on the disc.
Here is the final tracklist:
1. The Kinslayer
2. She Is My Sin
3. Deep Silent Complete
4. The Pharaoh Sails To Orion
5. Come Cover Me
6. Wanderlust
7. Swanheart
8. Elvenpath
9. Dead Boy's Poem
10. Sacrament Of Wilderness
11. Walking In The Air
12. Beauty & The Beast
13. Wishmaster

For more information on the SACD format click here.
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Studio 5 update
Tarja and Tero wrote their greetings to Studio-5 -page! Check out!

» Diary
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New video will be directed by Antti Jokinen
New Nightwish music video will be directed by Antti Jokinen. Jokinen has directed music videos for such huge artists like example Celine Dion, Eminem and Shania Twain. Music video from the first single "Nemo" is supposed be ready in April when single is released. At this moment Jokinen is in Rome working as an assistant director in Renny Harlin´s new film "Exorcist: The Beginning". The budget of the video will be biggest so far in Nightwish history. The storyboard of the video made by Tuomas Holopainen and Tero Kinnunen is ready but Jokinen has a permission to change the story if necessary. "This is a very sad and heavy, ballad-like song. Video has a thin storyline which tells not so much of love but more like despair and hope" - says Nightwish manager Ewo Rytkönen.
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Prices drop in Nightwish-Shop
Many products are now for sale in decreased price. If you've wanted to buy something from the Nightwish -Shop but thought that prices are too high now it's a perfect time to check them out.

» Nightwish-Shop
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Information about Kitee concert
Many people have asked about accommodations near Kitee. Here are some phone-numbers and websites:

Riihivalkea Tel +358 13 427556
Karjalan Helmi Tel +358 13 426404
Pajarinhovi Tel +358 13 429761

Tickets to the release-show will be for sale starting from the beginning of March. Tickets will be for sale also in More information about it later.
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Record release show in Kitee
Nightwish will play the release-show of their still unnamed new album in Kitee Icehall, Finland on 22nd May 2004. The show will be a spectacle. Nightwish will spend more money than never before for the lights and pyros. There will be also playing another great Finnish band which has made its way to the top of the Finnish music with original sound and music. The name of the band will be released on the middle of February. There will be plenty of foreign and Finnish media on the event so "Be there or miss it!!!"
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Nightwish on USA tour
Nightwish will make their very first USA tour on August-September 2004. Three weeks tour will include 14 shows all over the North-America. Some shows are already published in the Internet and we will release the complete tour list on the some day soon.
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