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"Once" Roadrunner release
Once will be released in USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand on 5th October 2004 by Road Runner Records. On this release there will be White Night Fantasy -song and Wish I Had An Angel -video on MPEG format as a bonus. Click the image for larger picture of artwork.
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Nemo voted as best music video of the year
Audience voted Nemo the best Finnish music video of the year. Nemo got 53% of the votes so there is no need for re-counting... Nightwish wants to thank all the people for good taste when it comes to music videos.
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Guitarist and the family
Here we have a nice photo from Kitee -concert's backstage last May. Emppu, his parents and two little sisters.
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Statement on cancelled shows
Many fans have asked us why the shows in Canada had to be cancelled due to U.S. visa problems. The band's manager Ewo Rytkönen explains:

"The band COULD have done the shows in Canada, because we would not need Visas/Working Permits to Canada, since the band do have a second set of passports. However, since these second passports are NOT valid to enter to USA, even as a tourist, because they lack certain barcodes etc. which the US customs officials require in order to enter the country. So, after doing these two shows in Canada, the band would have had to fly BACK to Finland and wait for the Visas from the US Embassy (they require that each & every person must come over to the Embassy to pick up his/her Visa/Passport. So doing the tour this way would have meant that about three or four shows in the US would have been cancelled, not to forget that we would have had to buy an extra set of international flights for 17 persons, which would have been very expensive, since these flights would have been booked in the last minute. So all in all, as disappointing it was to the Canadian fans and the band too, we just had to cancel the first three shows of the tour instead of flying overseas TWO times, losing even more money, maybe even losing the US Visas too (if we would have not gotten the suitable return flights back from Montreal in time) and not to cancel those four shows in the US, which would have made our routing as a nightmare. In a situation like this there is no easy solution, you just have to take the one with the smallest damage, and this time it was the Canadian NW fans who had to suffer because of this, for which we all are truly, truly sorry about.

We are trying to reschedule the Canadian shows for the latter part of 2004, maybe even adding a second one to Montreal. Stay tuned."
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Three shows cancelled !
Unfortunately the shows in Toronto, Montreal and Philadelphia had to be cancelled due to visa problems.

"Our US Visa applications were filed early enough at the end of March 2004, so the U.S. Immigration Office is the one responsible for not being able to handle these applications within this 4, 5 months of time. There was never anything we could have done but wish for some co-operation from their side. The result is as seen. We are very sorry for this and we understand that many of you are pissed. So are we. Big time. Naturally we will do everything we can to make this up and as soon as possible.
The rest of the US shows will happen as scheduled.

Wishing you all the best,
Tuomas Holopainen & NIGHTWISH."
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"Once" goes double platinum
Nightwish's "ONCE" has just sold double platinum in Finland which means over 60.000 sold albums! Congratulations, Nightwish and big THANK YOU for all fans!!
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Nightwish signs with Roadrunner Records
After long negoations with different labels Nightwish has signed deal for Once release in North-America, Australia and New Zealand for Roadrunner Records. Nightwish hopes and trusts that this will raise band to the new level also in these areas. Next week Nightwish will start first North-America Headline-tour and hopefully Once hit the stores before that.
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New Nightwish-generation rocks!
Picture from Tuska-Festival, Helsinki 2004: Antto, Miro and Luna.
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Gold from Switzerland and Norway
Nightwish's "ONCE" has just sold gold in Switzerland and Nightwish's single "NEMO" has just sold gold in Norway!
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Number One in Europe
Nightwish's "ONCE" went to the TOP on Billboard list of best-seller singles and albums in Europe. Congratulations again, Nightwish!!
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