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Nightwish made donation to Asia
Official statement of Nightwish:
"Since Nightwish is having a break from touring at the moment we do not have any chance to participate in any of the Asia - charity concerts organized in January. This is something we really would have wanted to take part in. So now we did the only thing we could; A direct donation in the name of the band.
I wish we could do more.

All those going through the tragedy, you are in our thoughts. "

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Auction profit reached the target
City of Kitee wrote statement after receiving great Christmas gift, 3850 EUR, from Nightwish's charity auction.

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"Once" sells gold in Sweden
Nightwish's ONCE has sold over 30.000 copies in Sweden which means GOLD! Congratulations, Nightwish!
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Nightwish-Shop & MoreMusic winter holidays
During the Christmastime we do not handle any orders which causes delivery time to be longer than usually. Also during 1.1.2005-13.1.2005 Nightwish -Shop and is on Winter holiday so all the order made during this time will be handled asap after getting back to work. We ask all the customers to remember this when making an order. Merry Christmas to everyone!!!
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Auction winner
This year's charity's auction winner is Beatrice from Monaco. Congratulations!!

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First official event of the Greek Nightwish Fanclub
The first official event of the Greek Nightwish fanclub is happening on 23/12 called "SUOMI ROX" in Athens, Greece.

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Supporting Mötley Crue
Nightwish will support MÖTLEY CRUE in Oslo, Norway on 10.06.2005 !
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Nightwish auction started
Nightwish's charity auction started and Nightwish and the whole Nightwish-Crew wish that profit from this auction will be HUGE because again the whole profit goes to charity. Check the detailed information of the auction from the link below.

» Auction page
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New Nightwish releases
Spinefarm Records will release Platinum Edition from Nightwish -album "Once". Release date is 24th of November and the album will include "normal" ONCE + songs "Live To Tell The Tale", "White Night Fantasy" and Nemo -video by Antti Jokinen. 24th November Spinefarm will release also third single from the ONCE -album. Single is called "Kuolema tekee taiteilijan". Single contains that finnish song and also instrumental (orchestal) version of "Creek Mary's Blood" and Megadeth -cover "Symphony Of Destruction".
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50.000 Tickets sold
After yesterday's concert in Hamburg, Nightwish were awarded a "golden ticket" for selling more than 50.000 tickets for the current tour through Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Congratulations, Nightwish!

To everybody owning a ticket: Have fun at the concert!
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