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It’s July, 1996. A hidden campfire looms on the island in the middle of Lake Pyhäjärvi, Kitee. Then at midnight, something happens that has far-reaching consequences. Tuomas Holopainen has an idea of a solo project that would play atmospheric “mood music.”

The idea quickly crystallises: the sound would include acoustic guitars, flutes, strings, piano – and female vocals. Guitarist Erno “Emppu” Vuorinen and vocalist Tarja Turunen soon join the project.
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Floor Jansen

Floor Jansen

Tuomas Holopainen

Tuomas Holopainen

Emppu Vuorinen

Emppu Vuorinen

Troy Donockley

Troy Donockley

uilleann pipes, tin whistle, low whistle, guitars, bouzouki, bodhrán, vocals
Kai Hahto
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past members

Marko Hietala

Marko Hietala

Bass Guitar & Vocals
2001 - 2021
Jukka Nevalainen

Jukka Nevalainen

1997 - 2019
Anette Olzon

Anette Olzon

2007 - 2012
Tarja Turunen

Tarja Turunen

1996 - 2005
Sami Vänskä

Sami Vänskä

Bass Guitar
1998 - 2001

the nightwish story

holopainen’s embryonic idea takes form in just a few months, and the first Nightwish demo is completed in early 1997.
It’s July, 1996. A hidden campfire looms on the island in the middle of Lake Pyhäjärvi, Kitee. Then at midnight, something happens that has far-reaching consequences. Tuomas Holopainen has an idea of a solo project that would play atmospheric “mood music.”

The idea quickly crystallises: the sound would include acoustic guitars, flutes, strings, piano – and female vocals. Guitarist Erno “Emppu” Vuorinen and vocalist Tarja Turunen soon join the project.

1997: RECORD DEALHolopainen’s embryonic idea takes form in just a few months, and the first Nightwish demo is completed in early 1997. Outsiders’ opinions are reservedly positive, and the seeds sown during the summer start sprouting during the freezing winter of Karelia.

New dimensions soon appear in the band’s music: Vuorinen changes from acoustic to electric guitar, and Jukka Nevalainen joins as the drummer. A few weeks of furious practise culminate in a studio demo recorded in April, featuring seven songs by the new line-up.

The songs attract the attention of Spinefarm Records, and the band is offered a deal. During the summer, Nightwish record four more songs, and their debut album Angels Fall First is released in November. The album rises to number 31 on the Finnish charts, while the single, “The Carpenter” has already made it to Top Ten.

Wrapping up a year of surprisingly hectic action, Nightwish play their debut gig on New Year’s eve. Over 400 people show up at Huvikeskus, Kitee, and the band is jumpy as hell, but the concert surpasses all expectations.

1998: TURNING PROAfter their debut live appearance, Nightwish play only a few select gigs, as compulsory military service and studies prevent any heavy-duty touring. On just their second gig, they hit the stage of Lepakko, Helsinki, and everybody is extremely nervous: Turunen bursts into tears on stage and Tuomas nearly passes out from sheer excitement. Still, the band pass their trial by fire with flying colours and without any emotional or physical scars.

During the summer, Nightwish recruit a permanent bassist, Sami Vänskä. The summer is spent writing new material, and the band enter the studio in early August. Oceanborn, an album significantly more powerful and professional than their debut, is released on December 7. Mixed by Mikko Karmila, who will later become their trusted ally, Oceanborn rises to number five on the Finnish charts. The success surprises everyone, although the single, “Sacrament of Wilderness” had already conquered the pole position of the singles charts.

1999: ABROAD AHOY!Oceanborn is released internationally during the spring, boosted by the new single, “Sleeping Sun” that sells more than 15,000 copies in a few weeks in Germany alone.

When the guys get out of the army, Nightwish are truly able to hit the live circuit, and as Nightwish is booked for almost all major Finnish festival, the summer sees some furious gigging.

The lively festival season ends on a happy note, as both Oceanborn and the single, “Sacrament of Wilderness” are certified Gold. Shortly afterwards, Nightwish embark on their first European tour, supporting Rage for four weeks during November and December.

2000: THE FIRST WORLD TOURThe new millennium begins with busy activity, as Nightwish start recording their third album during the first weeks of January. The band also take part in the Eurovision Song Contest, overwhelmingly winning the public vote, but the jury responsible for the final choice does not want Nightwish to represent Finland.

Wishmaster is released in mid-May, and the band celebrate the occasion with a concert at the Kitee Icehall. The album rises to number one on the Finnish charts and stays there for three weeks, earning a Gold Record. Wishmaster is released internationally during early summer, and the CD becomes the Album of the Month in several magazines, particularly in Germany.

Boosted by the success of Wishmaster, Nightwish set out on their first world tour, and the summer months see the band perform to crazed audiences in places like Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Panama, and Mexico. In the autumn, Nightwish headline their first European tour, and in late November, they fly to North America for the first time to play two concerts in Montreal.

To cap off a hectic year, Nightwish play a concert in Tampere that’s recorded and shot for DVD. During the gig at Pakkahuone, the guys are also presented with some valuable memories, as the domestic sales of Wishmaster have earned them a Platinum Record.

2001: FROM CRISIS TO NEW HEIGHTSThere’s no rest for Nightwish, as the band immediately hit the studio after a Finnish tour early in the year. The EP, Over the Hills and Far Away is released in June and stays on the charts for nearly a year. The concert recorded at Pakkahuone comes out in April, titled, From Wishes to Eternity – Live.

Nightwish play their last concert of the year in Nivala already in mid-September – and it could have well been their swan song, as Vänskä’s interest in the band is waning, Turunen spends less and less time with the other musicians, and numerous problems have kept piling up. After finishing the tour, Holopainen states that the story of Nightwish is most likely at its end.

While hiking in the wilds of Lapland in the autumn, the mastermind changes his mind, however: Nightwish will continue their career – but only after major tweaks have been made. Ewo Pohjola from Spinefarm Records becomes the band’s manager, King Foo Entertainment starts booking the gigs, and Vänskä is replaced by bass player and vocalist Marko Hietala.

To mark the beginning of the new era, the band’s own online merchandise store Nightwish-Shop is opened in November in connection with the band’s home page.

2002: GOLD ALBUMS & SOLD-OUT GIGsNightwish quickly gain momentum again, as they start recording Century Child in January. The single, “Ever Dream” comes out in early May and earns them a Finnish Gold Record in two days. After three weeks, Century Child does even better, selling Gold in just two hours. In Germany, the album rises to number five on the official charts.

A South American tour in July turns out to be a triumph with many sold-out gigs, and the successful gigs continue in South Korea, Russia, and all over Europe.

At the end of the year Nightwish take a break, but the musicians still keep themselves busy with other projects, like Sethian, For My Pain, Trio Niskalaukaus, Altarian, and Tarot.

2003: CONCERTS, DVD & STUDIO WORKNightwish kick off the year with high-profile appearances in Germany at König-Pilsener Arena, Oberhausen and at Zenith, Munich. In the end, the band manage to squeeze in only a few Finnish gigs but appear on such European festivals as Bloodstock (UK), Lowlands (NL), and M’era Luna (GER). Across the pond, they play places like New York, Atlanta, and Mexico City.

A documentary DVD, End of Innocence is released in the beginning of October, and during the final months of the year, the band start recording their fifth album.

2004: THE MOST POPULAR BAND IN EUROPE!Early 2004 flies by fast in the studio, and in early June, Once is released; an hour-long musical masterpiece that introduces new flavours to the band’s trademark sound. The British genius Pip Williams has created some majestic orchestral and choral arrangements, and the Native American musician John Two-Hawks appears on the track, “Creek Mary’s Blood.”

Once tops the charts in Finland as well as in Germany, Norway, Hungary, and Greece, and becomes the most successful album of the summer in Europe. The first single release, “Nemo” is followed by “Wish I Had an Angel,” “Kuolema tekee taiteilijan,” and “The Siren.”

The “Once” World Tour kicks off from Kitee Ice Hall in late May and takes Nightwish on a long journey through USA, South America, and Europe.

2005: END OF A TOUR, END OF AN ERAAs the “Once” World Tour criss-crosses through Europe in February, Holopainen and Hietala take a short break and fly to Finland, where they are presented with no less than five awards in the prestigious Emma Gala. The European leg of the tour ends on a grand scale, as the band play in Stuttgart, Germany, for over 10,000 people.

During a busy summer, Nightwish appear alongside such luminaries as Iron Maiden and Mötley Crüe. Early autumn offers the band no respite, as they continue to sell out places such as Hammersmith Apollo, London and play an arena gig with the Scorpions at a São Paulo arena. In September, a greatest hits album called Highest Hopes: The Best of Nightwish is released.

The “Once” World Tour culminates in a sold-out gig at Hartwall Arena, Helsinki, where almost 12,000 fans fill the arena. The final gig of the tour is recorded for the forthcoming release, End of an Era.

All in all, the “Once” World Tour comprised of over 130 concerts, enabling the fans in places like Australia, Columbia, Poland, Portugal, and Greece to see the band for the first time. After tireless touring, Once had sold about one million copies.

However, the year was not over yet — far from it. Immediately after the final concert, Tarja Turunen is presented with an open letter signed by the musicians in the band. Their message is clear: Holopainen, Nevalainen, Vuorinen, and Hietala have decided to continue Nightwish without Turunen. The “Once” World Tour had shown the rest of the band that continued collaboration with Turunen and her husband and manager Marcelo Cabuli had become impossible.

2006: NEW RELEASES, NEW PLANSAs the hullaballoo caused by Turunen’s departure slowly dies out, Nightwish announce a search for new vocalist. In early summer, the DVD, End of an Era is released, along with a biography by Mape Ollila called, Once upon A Nightwish.

The musicians spend their summer on the Finnish countryside, rehearsing and arranging the songs for their forthcoming album, and the actual recordings begin in September.

2007: A NEW FRONT WOMAN IS ANNOUNCED, THE WORLD AWAITSAll in all, Nightwish receive over two thousand demos from hopeful vocalists. The task seems endless, but slowly but surely the number of candidates decreases. After considering long and hard, the band choose Anette Olzon from Sweden as their new front woman. The recording of Dark Passion Play then continues at Abbey Road studios, London and at Finnvox, Helsinki.

The veil of secrecy is lifted at the end of May, when Nightwish announce the identity of their new singer in connection with the release of “Eva,” the first single off the forthcoming album. Yet another single, “Amaranth,” is released before Dark Passion Play is finally unleashed in the end of September. The multifaceted album sells 50,000 copies in Finland in one day.

Just as Once incorporated new influences to the band’s sound a few years earlier, Dark Passion Play also sees Nightwish navigate unknown waters: “Master Passion Greed” is probably the heaviest track the band had ever recorded, while “Last of the Wilds,” featuring the multi-instrumentalist Troy Donockley, takes the listener to the moors of Scottish Highland.

The “Dark Passion Play” World Tour kicks off with three secret warm-up gigs under various pseudonyms, and during the autumn, the band tour heavily in the US as well as in Scandinavia. A video for “The Islander” is also shot in Lapland, and as you will see, this production will have long-lasting effect on the future of Nightwish.

2008: ON THE ROADThe intensive “Dark Passion Play” World Tour continues on the first day of the year in Helsinki and takes Nightwish all over the world, from Australia to the Far East, from South America to North America, and onwards to Europe. It’s not until the end of the year that the band get some well-earned R&R.

2009: A TRYING TOUR ENDS, ENTER THE NEXT ALBUMThe “Dark Passion Play” World Tour continues in March, as the new live EP, Made in Hong Kong (and in Various Other Places) is released. The European venues have become gigantic, as Nightwish appear on arenas such as Ahoy, Rotterdam and Zenith, Paris.

After an US tour in the spring and some European festival appearances in the summer, the “Dark Passion Play” World Tour (that saw the band play no less than 200 gigs) culminates in a sold-out show at the Hartwall Arena in Helsinki. After the tour, the band retire from the public eye, but outside the limelight, there’s a lot of stuff going on, as the preparations for the new studio album are already in full swing.

2010: PREPARING THE NEXT MOVEThe first months of the year are spent writing music and lyrics, and already in April, Holopainen is ready to record an early demo of the forthcoming album, Imaginarium. During the hot summer, Nightwish arrange their own summer camp near Kitee, where they rehearse and arrange the material on Imaginarium, a process that takes a couple of months.

The actual recordings begin in October at Petrax studios in Hollola, Finland. The drum, bass, and guitar parts are finished by the end of the year.

2011: NOT ONE BUT TWO – AN ALBUM AND A MOVIE!February starts with a blast, as Holopainen makes the following statement: “We’re recording a concept album, where the moods in the songs vary even more radically than ever before. Our amusement park and its surreal, Burton/Gaiman/Dali-type rides are almost ready.”

After a bit over a week, the band reveal a closely-guarded secret. As the press release read:
“In all silence, along with their forthcoming album, Nightwish have also been working on a movie. Imaginarium is a musical fantasy based on the album of the same name and its 13 songs.”

The double nature of Imaginarium had been conceived already years earlier, as Holopainen had presented Stobe Harju — the director of “The Islander” video — with the idea of shooting 13 music videos for the album. As the director suggested they’d add some dialogue between the songs, the final idea was crystallized: Imaginarium would be a full-length movie that carries a story.

The recordings of Imaginarium continued during the first part of the year in Helsinki and London, and once again, Nightwish trusted Pip Williams with the orchestral and choral arrangements. This time there would also to be a children’s choir on the album, among other new things. After Anette Olzon had recorded her vocal parts in April, Mikko Karmila could start with the final mix.

In late summer, Nightwish refine the spelling of the title to Imaginaerum and announce that the new album will be released in Finland in late November. The single, “Storytime” is released as a taster for the 75-minute roller coaster ride.

In mid-September, Nightwish fly to a Montreal movie studio, where the Imaginaerum movie, to be released in spring 2012, is being filmed. The musicians’ parts are immortalized during an intensive week.

At the same time, the band announce their forthcoming gigs in Europe, while the details of the Finnish tour are revealed in late October. The world tour will kick off from Los Angeles on January 21, 2012.The last weeks of 2011 will be interesting indeed, as the next year should become the most eventful and exciting in the history of Nightwish…

2012: FANTASTIC CONCERTS, UNEXPECTED CHANGES, MOVIE PREMIEREHaving intensively rehearsed their new songs at Nosturi, Helsinki, during early January, Nightwish put their new set to test on a “secret” warm-up gig at Key Club, Los Angeles, on January 19, billed as “Rubber Band of Wolves.” The first actual concert of the “Imaginaerum” World Tour follows two days later at the famous Gibson Amphitheater.

The spring sees the band play Finnish, Ukrainian, Russian, and Continental European arenas, where thousands and thousands of fans get to marvel at the massive Nightwish show, complete with big video screens and spectacular pyrotechnics. Legendary venues include the Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle in Stuttgart, Germany, and Hallenstadion in Zürich, Switzerland, both boasting a capacity of over 10,000.

After the festival season, including appearances at Masters of Rock, Nova Rock, Download, and Ruisrock festivals, Nightwish embark on a North American tour, unaware that this leg of the tour will become one of their most memorable treks ever.

The unexpected chain of events begins in late September, as vocalist Anette Olzon falls sick and is rushed to hospital just before the concert in Denver, Colorado. As Nightwish do not want to disappoint the fans that have already filled the venue, after a quick counsel, they decide to take the stage after all, performing the songs with the help of Elize Ryd and Alissa White-Gluz of the support band Kamelot.

Olzon returns to front the band for one more performance, but nothing can prevent the ending of a chapter in the story of Nightwish. After the concert in Salt Lake City on September 29, Olzon and the band part ways.

The situation is challenging to say the least, as Nightwish’s professional ethic does not let them cancel the remaining eleven concerts of the important US tour. The band immediately contact their old friend Floor Jansen, who had proven her vocal skills in the Dutch band After Forever.

The timetable seems nearly impossible, but against all odds, Nightwish take the stage in Seattle on October 1st with Floor Jansen as their singer. Having rehearsed the vocal parts during the intercontinental flight, Jansen tackles the formidable challenge amazingly well, and the band get to sigh in relief. The tour can go on, and what’s even better, Jansen, whose skillful vocals and dedicated stage presence are immediately recognized, receives a great welcome by the fans on the West Coast, in Florida, and elsewhere in the US.

The “Imaginaerum” World Tour continues in early November in the UK. The band then rush home in anticipation of the eagerly-awaited world premiere of the movie, Imaginaerum by Nightwish at the Hartwall Arena, Helsinki, on November 10, where Nightwish play to a sold-out arena. The successful event leaves everyone with warm memories. The Imaginaerum Wine is also launched, and the soundtrack Imaginaerum: The Score is released.

There’s still work to be done before the Christmas, however, as “Imaginaerum” World Tour continues to South America, where the band play ten concerts. The famously passionate and hot-blooded Latin fans give the new front woman a vibrant welcome. The eventful year culminates in two memorable performances in Buenos Aires. Afterwards, they let out a big sigh of relief that could almost be heard in Finland, too.

2013: PRESTIGIOUS AWARDS, DOCUMENTARY FILM, LIVE RELEASE, THE NEXT ALBUMNightwish begin 2013 with a bang, as the band hop on a plane immediately after the New Year celebrations to tour Australia and New Zealand, exchanging the Finnish winter for the record heat wave of Australia.

While the spring is quiet on the live front, there’s laurels to be collected: in the Finnish Emma Awards in March, Nightwish win the categories “Metal Album of the Year” and “Band of the Year.” The movie, Imaginaerum by Nightwish is also released in April in numerous formats.

The band hit the road again in May, playing four concerts in Japan. A Nightwish exhibition is opened in Kitee, Finland, where guests of the local history museum get to see artifacts connected to the band’s history.

The second festival season of the “Imaginaerum” World Tour starts at Sauna Open Air in Tampere, Finland, and the highlights of the summer include Ilosaarirock in Joensuu, a “home festival” for the band, where they play in front of 25,000 people, Byblos in Lebanon, and Midnattsrocken in Lakselv, northern Norway.

There’s excitement in the Nightwish camp in early August, as the concert at Wacken Open Air will be shot for the forthcoming live release. Over 80,000 fans witness a spectacular performance in northern Germany. A week later, the “Imaginaerum" World Tour that had ran for 18 months and over 100 concerts is capped off at the M’era Luna festival.

In September Nightwish get more well-earned recognition in Germany, as Metal Hammer magazine awards the band with the title, “Best International Band.”

In early October, Nightwish fans are thrilled to hear the new line-up confirmed: having been accepted by the fans, Floor Jansen is expectedly announced as the new vocalist, and the British multi-instrumentalist Troy Donockley, who has collaborated with the band for years, is simultaneously confirmed as a permanent member of the band.

Late November sees the release of Showtime, Storytime, a DVD / Blu-Ray that, in addition to the spectacular Wacken performance, also features a two-hour documentary film, Please Learn the Setlist in 48 Hours. Directed by Ville Lipiäinen, the film follows the band on their roller-coaster ride through the “Imaginaerum” World Tour.

So what’s up next for Nightwish?

In 2014, the band will concentrate on writing their next album, scheduled for spring 2015 release, while a new world tour is being booked. As a taster of what’s to come, let us reveal that the forthcoming album will feature, among others, the longest song in the history of the band so far…

2014: ENDLESS FORMS MOST BEAUTIFUL APPROACHES COMPLETION, JUKKA NEVALAINEN WITHDRAWS INTO THE BACKGROUND, THE WORLD TOUR BEGINS TO TAKE SHAPENightwish’s common year starts off with a meeting held during the winter – the matters under discussion between the band members and the management personnel are the band’s eighth studio album, and the world tour that will promote it. The works on the lyrics and compositions for the Endless Forms Most Beautiful album have already been well underway for an extended time, with the details being ironed out: for example, the final track of the album will be the most extensive piece of work created by the band so far.

Later, during the spring, Tuomas Holopainen and Sound Engineer/Assistant Producer, Tero “TeeCee” Kinnunen retreat to a cottage close to Hämeenlinna in order to start the recording process for the new songs. The other members of Nightwish are able to get their hands on the demo versions without delay and the musicians grasp their roles in mastering the immense tracks.

Things begin to take shape in earnest in July. Nightwish retreat into the tranquility of the Röskö camp site in Kitee, with the purpose of rehearsing and recording the band’s parts of the upcoming album, until the end of September. In this respect, the work differs from the method used in, for example, the “Imaginaerum” album, the material of which was also rehearsed at Röskö, but the actual recordings took place in, among others, the Petrax studio.

Summer doesn’t, however, pass by altogether smoothly. In late July, Nightwish experience an unexpected setback, when one of the band’s founding members, drummer Jukka Nevalainen, is forced to leave, whilst in the midst of preparing the new album. Nevalainen had suffered from serious sleep disorders over recent years and is replaced by drum virtuoso Kai Hahto, who is not only able to commit to recording the album, but also to participating in the upcoming tour. Although they have to endure these unpleasant moments, the other members of Nightwish share a common delight in the knowledge that Nevalainen will continue to work closely in the background and may one day return back behind the drum set. Let’s also not forget the support received from the aforementioned background. At the same time as the band are busy working on the new material, the management of Nightwish are working long days, for example, in planning the upcoming world tour.

Kai Hahto proves to be a trustworthy addition. The drummer learns the meandering tracks of Endless Forms Most Beautiful rapidly and the band are able to avoid making any changes to their recording schedules that have been nailed down for some time. An excess of eighty minutes of the band’s instrumental parts are already put down on tape before the end of September.

The London-based Angel Studios and trusted arranger for the orchestral parts, Pip Williams are naturally involved in preparing the new Nightwish material. Almost all of the members of the band travel to Great Britain in early October and once again, deep in the Angel studio, unforgettable experiences abide through the interpretations of the unbelievably talented British musicians.

From London, the journey continues onwards to a studio in Oxford, where the famous evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins immortalizes a spoken word part for the Nightwish album. This recording day proves, as expected, to be one of the highlights of the entire recording project – after all, Dawkins’ famous works, such as God Delusion and The Greatest Show On Earth, are highly important sources of inspiration for the new Nightwish album that praises the achievements of science.

In early November, trusted mixer Mikko Karmila sits down by the band’s lathe. He has a major job in front of him, as merely the final track of the album, the 24-minute long “The Greatest Show On Earth,” is spliced together from hundreds of recorded tracks. Also, many of the other new songs clock in at five and six-minutes long, so there is certainly enough mixing to get on with, even though the fresh entity makes the album more “band orientated” than previous creations.

The mixing is completed on schedule, just before Christmas. The responsibility for the soundscape lies with Holopainen, Kinnunen and Karmila and the fresh material is sent off to the other band members for examination and after the final filing, the final mastering touches are put to the new Nightwish album.

2015-2016: THE NEW SINGLE, “ÉLAN, ENDLESS FORMS MOST BEAUTIFUL ALBUM, AND 151 SHOWS AROUND THE WORLDMika Jussila masters Endless Forms Most Beautiful at Finnvox studio in Helsinki in mid-January. The band is extremely happy with the result – and something exceptional can be interpreted through the smile of the singer, Floor Jansen, performing on her first Nightwish album, as she states that:

“This is not only the best album that I have ever sung on, but this is actually the best album ever.”

The “Élan” single and a promotional video of the same name, bursting with the appearance of Finnish acting legends, is released on February 13, and the new album was released at the end of March. Nightwish’s world tour started early April at the famed Hammerstein Ballroom, New York. The tour eventually took the band from the United States to Japan and everywhere in between. The 151 show tour included e.g. a Nightwish Cruise on the Baltic Sea, a show at the prestigious UK festival Download in Donington, the band’s first-ever gig at Rock in Rio in Brazil before an audience of 85000 people, and another highlight, a sold-out show – as the 1st Finnish band ever – at the Wembley SSE Arena in London, England. It, together with another big production at the Ratina Stadium in Tampere, Finland, was immortalized on the Vehicle of Spirit live release for the Holiday season of 2016.

Eventually, Endless Forms Most Beautiful closed 2015 as the best-selling album in Finland, where it sold double platinum. It also exceeded gold record sales plateaus in Germany, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic.

A break was needed. Even Tuomas Holopainen admitted he was ‟empty of Nightwish songs”. 

During the break, however, Tuomas had an unexpectedly productive spell, during which he wrote songs for his and Troy’s side project Auri, a process which in turn opened his songwriting floodgates. 

After a well-deserved break, March 9th of 2018 saw the release of a compilation album. Celebrating their two decades in the sun, Decades: An Archive Of Song – 1996–2015 was the 1st compilation fully sanctioned by Nightwish. The double album curated by Tuomas Holopainen showcases the band’s musical evolution in chronologically reverse order from 2015 back to the 1st demo, resembling the way Richard Dawkins’ book Ancestor’s Tale clarifies the quirks of evolution from now to the beginning of life.

The compilation album was followed by a tour on which the band performed refreshing re-imaginings of their old songs; now arranged for their current six-headed lineup. Fan favorites of olden days, originally sung by Tarja Turunen and Anette Olzon now got a new sheen with Troy’s ethnic instruments and luscious three vocalist harmonies that would become a staple of the new Nightwish sound. This singer trifecta and their inimitable connection would become to play a major role in the next studio album.

After 82 shows and nine months the Decades World Tour came to an end and deservedly spawned a live release for posterity. Decades Live in Buenos Aires, the glorious live album adds new life to older songs in the band’s catalog and shows a tight-knit band with magical chemistry at the peak of their powers. It too debuted on Finnish charts at #1 and scored Top 20 positions in 11 more countries.

2019 – 2020: HUMAN. :||: NATURE. IN A NEW WORLD
Once more demoed and rehearsed at Röskö band camp, songs for the new album, Human. :||: Nature. were completed in October of 2019. The massive double album would be another brave forward step for the band: the first disc bids goodbye to Nightwish’s gigantic trademark orchestrations and features an organic heavy metal sound accompanied by “only” choirs and strings. On the second disc the orchestra is front and center, while the band is missing except for some wordless singing by the awesome threesome. Scrutinizing humanity from a plethora of angles, the new album’s most striking new feature is the three-singer harmonies that grace all the songs. The latter disc of the massive package is an instrumental work, Tuomas Holopainen’s love letter to nature in eight parts, complete with British actress Geraldine James’s spoken parts.

Preceded by the single Noise and its provocative music video tackling the subjects of human slavery to all things digital on February 7th, Human. :||: Nature. dropped in April of 2020. While stripped down in the orchestra department, the multi-faceted and complex album may well be the most ambitious thing Nightwish has done up to date. It is a musical tour de force that spans to every vast direction and refers to so many literary and scientific sources and nods to Nightwish’s own history that the listeners will have years of fun trying to figure it all out. 

The Human. :||: Nature. World Tour was supposed to commence in Oulu, Finland with a secret gig on April 10th, but already in late 2019, nature decided otherwise and hit human with the novel coronavirus pandemic, closing borders everywhere and grinding the world to a sudden halt. 

The beginning of August 2020 experienced the opening of Kitee Tourist Information – A Nightwish Story, an exhibition designed by the band’s graphic artist ToxicAngel and dedicated to all things Nightwish. All the old memorabilia from the previous museum, plus a vast collection of other Nightwish material such as instruments, awards, stage gear from the legendary Wembley performance, and props from Élan and Noise videos were moved to the new location.

The COVID-19 epidemic has placed the entire world on various stages of lockdown and rendered international touring impossible until further notice. Ergo, Nightwish’s future tour endeavors are yet to be determined but be it half a year, a year or more, one day the world opens again… just you wait.